AZenQos Android - DriveTest/benchmark Solution for LTE, WCDMA & gsm

Physical Radio Measurement Parameters and Layer-3 Signalling on Android phones

From new cell site verificaiton tests, cluster drives to Excel Reports with all the plots and sampling buckets - IN MINUTES INSTEAD OF HOURS OF MANUAL EXPORT AND PLOTTING!

test with our app, get excel reports from our servers that look like this azq default benchmark template or modify it into your own scft, cluster drive templates!

Update: November 2019 Now supporting Sony Xperia One, Sony Xperia XZ3, Oneplus 7 Pro and more. VoLTE RTP Jitter, RTP Delay during Handovers, LTE CA - PCC SCCn throughput reports/plots on map, 256QAM modulation, Massive MIMO Transmission Modes etc - various stat/KPI reports + parameter plots on maps in our advanced automated server generated reports.

New! Now we provide a low-cost 'online edition' for customers to install themselves, try and buy a perpetual license via credit-card or paypal.

open log data access - ready for your research and analysis

All test logs data, L1 Physical measurements, stats, events, Layer-3 Signalling are directly accessible via Sqlite, Spatialite and QGIS. Millions of test logs worldwide are already merged into PostgreSQL/PostGIS via our open-source tool. Ready for research with the likes of Python Pandas and R-lang dplyr.

Indoor test video guide available below

Try it now, follow steps below:

*NOTE: This 'Online Edition' is targeted to smaller companies, subcontractors and researchers (especially with our Open Log Data Access detailed above) , it has a smaller set of features (it has mainly voice call, ping, ftp, http, youtube, speedtest but no LINE, no Facebook, no Remote access, no Scanner support, no Tablet control support, etc.) than the regular 'Enterprise Edition' which has the full-set of features and is available through our official partners or directly via only.

1. Prepare phone firmware: (You can skip this step if you already have a Rooted Qualcomm Android phone) Get a recommended phone listed in the supported phone list and installation guide document here. Then, follow the installation guide in the installation_guide_link column. Rooted phones can do RAT and Band locks only. Installation of our custom kernel as per installation guide is required for LTE PCI, LTE EARFCN, WCDMA UARFCN locks etc - the phone models that we provide custom kernels are rated as support grade 'A' or 'A+' in the same document. (Root is not required if using our custom kernel)

2. Download and install app APK file: In your phone, open 'Chrome' or 'Internet' (web browser) app to: then click on the 'Download mobile apk version 2xx' link. This would start the APK (app installer) file download. Then tap on the downloaded file to install. Make sure you have a SIM with working mobile data in SIM1 slot. Open the 'AZENQOS' app. It would show 'License not found' like this screenshot on the right, press the 'Request FREE-TRIAL' button.

***If you are using phone with Android 10 please get the APK from

3. Verify license and follow the user guide: After successful license activation, you'd see the screen like on the right showing that a 14-day FREE TRAIL has now been activated. Press 'close' then enter the AZENQOS app again, go to the 'About' menu to verify your license. You can now start testing - please follow the 'Getting Started' section of the user guide linked here. After you've tested and uploaded some logs, open on your PC's web browser and use the 'Login' and 'Password' shown in the AZENQOS app's floating (i) icon. Try generate some reports as per user guide.

4. Buy a license: press the 'Add to Cart' button below specifying your IMEI under the 'special instructions' part of the checkout/purchase steps (don't use the PURCHASE A LICENSE button in app yet as it's still in the final testing phase) - NOW ONLY 1,800 USD SALE - limited time offer ONLY 1,200 USD per IMEI (perpetual) + Including 1 year free AZENQOS-Web Excel Report Gen service.

5. Reactivate license on phone: The support team will email you that your IMEI's license is now 'perpetual', the go to the AZENQOS app > About > 'Reactivate License' and then it would show the 'Valid' permanent license. The support team would also give you a new server (web-dashboard) account login info. Once complete, the app will not show the floating (i) button that shows the trial license status and expiry date (as in point 3 screenshot) anymore.

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Advanced Locking Features on select models - without restarts!

AZENQOS supports advanced force functons on select models - this includes LTE PCI Cell locking, EARFCN Locking, WCDMA PSC Stay, WCDMA UARFCN, GSM/WCDMA Band Lock and more. No restart required between locking operations!

Analyze VoLTE call issues and statistics. This video shows how to access and analyze full unecrypted SIP messages (no IPSec, ESP) as well as LTE RRC messages live during the voice call - from a local off-the-shelf supported phones.

Email us at for more info.

Complete your mobile network test and maintenance tasks FAST and EASY with AZQ Android!