AZQ Android Resources and Documents

User Guides

  • AZQ Online User Guide - live and most up-to-date user guide (not fully complete regarding the basics - please also see other introductory guides below and youtube guides above first).
  • AZQ Introductory Guide - Quick start for first time users.
  • AZQ Android Manual v1.7 - Full AZQ Android manual. Getting started, creatng scipts, testing indoors,outdoors and UI navigation.
  • AZQ Web/Server Dashboard Guide - How to get your KPI reports, parameter-on-map plots, etc - which were automatically generated from the uploaded test-logs from AZQ Android.
  • Basic Help and HOWTO videos - HOWTO videos explaining basic Android phone usage and how to start the AZQ Android application on phone. Also contains a video about the common question about how to easily remove the back-cover of the HTC Explorer!

Open log data access guides