AZQ Android - DriveTest Solution for LTE, WCDMA & gsm

Physical Radio Measurement Parameters and Layer-3 Signalling on Android phones

From new cell site verificaiton tests, cluster drives to Excel Reports with all the plots and sampling buckets - IN MINUTES INSTEAD OF HOURS OF MANUAL EXPORT AND PLOTTING!

Update: Jul 2019 Now supporting Oneplus 7 Pro and Sony Xperia XZ3. LTE CA - PCC SCCn throughput reports/plots on map, 256QAM modulation, Massive MIMO Transmission Modes etc - various stat/KPI reports + parameter plots on maps in our advanced automated server generated reports.

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Advanced Locking Features on select models - without restarts!

AZENQOS supports advanced force functons on select models - this includes LTE PCI Cell locking, EARFCN Locking, WCDMA PSC Stay, WCDMA UARFCN, GSM/WCDMA Band Lock and more. No restart required between locking operations!

VoLTE SIP signalling flow, RTP delay during Handovers, RTP Mutes > 1/2/3 seconds and more from our server generated reports!

Analyze VoLTE call issues and statistics. This video shows how to access and analyze full unecrypted SIP messages (no IPSec, ESP) as well as LTE RRC messages live during the voice call - from a local off-the-shelf supported phones.


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Email us at using your corporate email address - requesting for a free trial, your expected phone model and, if possible, your expected use case so we can understand/help you better. Below is a list of the recommended phone models:

  • Sony Xperia XZ 3
  • Oneplus 6 or 6t or 7Pro

Follow the installation instructions for your device

  • Once a license is granted for your phone’s IMEI, you’d get an installation manual via email. Read the instructions well and follow closely until completion.
  • Activate the license online.


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  • Email us your IMEI to upgrade to a Full License, we’d then provide the details to:
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  • FREE 1-Year azq-web-reporting account service!

Get Excel reports with map-plots of radio parameters as well as KPI statistics - automatically generated from AZQ Server in about 5 minutes after log upload!

Get all the essential LTE, WCDMA and GSM Radio Parameters you need as well as Layer-3 Messages - live on AZQ Android phone and also further analyze them on PC with AZQ Replay software.

Email us at for more info.

Complete your mobile network test and maintenance tasks FAST and EASY with AZQ Android!